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L. Smith Sr. CLerk, Government

If you are woman in a position of leadership, and/or are called to serve in the body of Christ, it would be to your advantage to have Kawanzaa King as your Coach. Her God-given gifts coupled with professional training, real life experience, lots of prayer and discernment...she is able to identify and engage from a unique perspective that speaks directly to YOUR PURPOSE.

I looked forward to speaking to you once a week as my life coach. Sometimes I felt as though I needed more than once a week to speak to you. Although I was in therapy too, the conversations were not the same. You helped me to focus on the present and moving forward; you helped me to realize that I can change my current situation by changing my perspective." 


"I also loved how you closed up our weekly conversations with an email recapping my agenda. You always listened, and your tone in your voice set a comfortable setting for me to loosen up, and trust you with my deepest thoughts.  I truly enjoyed you being my life coach. I often think about you, and say, 'move forward, don't stay there or go back'. 'What can you do now to change it'. Thank you!

Debi D.  CEO, Non-Profit Organization

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